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War Making and State Making in Central Africa.
Africa Today 53, no. 3 (2007).

Migration and the Lived Spaces of Southern Africa.
Alternatives  28, no. 1 (2003).

The Everyday Spaces of Global Politics: Work, Leisure, Family.
New Political Science 24, no. 4 (2002) (with Matt Davies).

Regionalization and Globalization from a Spatial Perspective.
Space and Polity 2, no. 2 (1998).

Regional Integration in Southern Africa: Strategies for the 1990s.
Journal of African Policy Studies 1, no. 1(1995).

Regional Economic Integration in the Periphery: A Comparison of Central America and Southern Africa, 1870-1990.
Southern African Perspectives, no. 31 (February 1994) (with Darío Euraque).

Diamonds are a State’s Best Friends: Botswana’s Foreign Policy in Southern Africa.
Africa Today 40, no. 1 (1993)

Book Reviews

Review of Michael Nest, The Democratic Republic of Congo: Economic Dimensions of War and Peace.
Africa Today 53, no. 4 (2007)

Review of Terence Ranger, The Historical Dimensions of Democracy and Human Rights in Zimbabwe. Volume Two: Nationalism, Democracy and Human Rights.
African Studies Review,  48, no. 3 (2005)

Review of Margaret C. Lee, The Political Economy of Regionalism in Southern Africa.
H-SAfrica, H-Net Reviews, March, 2005.

Review of Chinyamata Chipeta (ed.),  Trade & Investment in Southern Africa.
H-SAfrica, H-Net Reviews, June 2000.

Review of Lloyd Sachikonye (ed.), Labour Markets and Migration in Southern Africa.
H-SAfrica, H-Net Reviews, June 2000.

Review of Fernando Andresen Guimaraes.  The Origins of the Angolan Civil War: Foreign Intervention and Domestic Conflict.
Africa Today, Summer 1999.

Review of David Newman (ed.), Boundaries, Territory and Postmodernity.
Millennium 28, no. 3 (1999).

Review of Guntram Herb and David Kaplan (eds.), Nested Identities: Nationalism, Territory and Scale.
Millennium 28, no. 3 (1999).

Peripheral States and Realism.
Mershon International Studies Review 42, no. 1(1998).

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