And now for something completely different …

I’ve gotten used to the idea that people will mix chocolate with just about anything edible. Part of that is human curiosity, another part is the desire to come up with yet another new thing that can stand out in an ever more crowded market. But the news of the first chocolate made with camel milk did seem to warrant at least a mention. So, here it is. A company in the United Arab Emirates has produced the first milk chocolate made with camel milk. It comes in the shape of, you guessed it, hollow camels–one a baby camel at 130g and the other a big camel at 730g. The manufacturer, Al Nassma Chocolate, assures buyers that only the finest ingredients have been used.

I usually resist most gimmicks when it comes to chocolate. Why mess with something that’s already perfect? But I guess there is a case to be made for milk chocolate using something other than cow’s milk. If anyone out there has tried it, let me know.

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