The iOS version of the Yoga Sutra app is no longer under active development. As of November 1, 2013 it is no longer available on the Apple app store. It was a fun project and I enjoyed learning enough coding to create the add. The relentless pace with which Apple releases new versions of iOS and the attendant need to update the app was too much effort given its modest returns. With the emergence of a free and open mobile operating system, the Firefox OS, it was reborn and was available on the Firefox Marketplace. Alas, the Firefox OS  and the Firefox Marketplace are no more. Now the Yoga Sutra app lives on as a web app. Load it on your mobile device and check it out. It requires a touch screen to work.

In partnership with Amy Wheeler Mantoan, I developed an iPhone app that brings the ancient wisdom of yoga to ordinary folks and their everyday lives.

Chapter 1 of the Yoga Sutra provides insights to those who already possess a stable, calm and attentive mind. Chapter 2 of the Yoga Sutra offer insights to those who have a scattered mind and would like to have a stable, calm and attentive mind. It outlines the basic steps to calm and steady your mind for more joy and less suffering.

The Yoga Sutra app is very easy to use. Shake your device to select a random sutra for meditative reflection. Tap on a sutra to read a longer explanation. Swipe left or right to read the Yoga Sutra one-by-one and find a suitable sutra for your problem. Swipe up to select a different chapter.


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