Blog Tour: Limestone Gumption by Bryan Robinson

LimestoneGumptionWrapWhat’s it about?

When Brad Pope returns to his boyhood hometown to settle a debt with his estranged father and re-establish a bond with his cantankerous Grandma Gigi, the 35-year-old psychologist becomes a prime suspect in the murder of football legend turned cave diver, Big Jake Nunn. As if being accused of murder isn’t shock enough, the psychologist is horrified by his father’s whereabouts. And Grandma Gigi and her club sisters start to look more like cold-bloodied killers than church ladies. This offbeat, fast-paced mystery witnesses beauty and brutality in a small Southern town, twisting and turning, teasing to the surface one suspicion, one misunderstanding, and one murder at a time.

What do reviewers say?

Robinson’s debut amateur sleuth gets a thumbs up…light humor, genial banter, and colorful characters…mouthwatering recipes included.—Library Journal

A debut novel written with a veteran pen, Limestone Gumption is expertly crafted with controlled plot twists and quirky, memorable characters whose development grips the reader as much as the mystery itself. With light-hearted deftness, it also provokes much thought on wider issues.—Azam Gill, The Big Thrill Magazine

Who wrote it?

Bryan21-workBryan Robinson is a novelist and licensed psychotherapist. His award-winning thriller, Limestone Gumption: A Brad Pope and Sisterfriends Mystery (Five Star Publishing, 2014), is a nail-biting Southern murder mystery and winner of the 2014 Beverly Hills  Book Award for Best Mystery. He is a veteran author of 35 nonfiction books, has appeared on 20/20, Good Morning America, World News Tonight, The Early Show, and NBC Nightly News. He maintains a psychotherapy practice in Asheville, NC, where he is working on Book 2 in the series, She’ll Be Killing Around the Mountain When She Comes. To learn more, visit his website.

Where can I get it?

IndieBound and Amazon

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