Blog Tour: One Dead, Two To Go by Elena Hartwell

Book CoverWhat’s It About?

Private Investigator Edwina “Eddie Shoes” Schultz’s most recent job has her parked outside a seedy Bellingham hotel, photographing her quarry as he kisses his mistress goodbye. This is the last anyone will see of the woman. Her body is later found dumped in an abandoned building. Eddie’s client, Kendra Hallings, disappears soon after. Is Kendra in trouble too? Or is she the killer?

Eddie usually balks at cases requiring a gun, but she also hates to be stiffed for her fee. Before she knows it, she is knee-deep in dangerous company. It doesn’t help that her card-counting adrenaline-junkie of a mother has shown up on her doorstep fresh from being kicked out of Vegas. Chava is only sixteen years older than Eddie and sadly lacking in parenting skills. Her unique areas of expertise, however, prove to be helpful in ways Eddie can’t ignore. So Chava from tags along. Add the new homicide Detective Chance Parker, who happens to be Eddie’s ex, and Eddie’s got a case more frustrating and perilous with each tick of the clock.

What Do Others Say?

One Dead, Two To Go is smart, page-turning fun, with the most feisty and likable P.I. since Kinsey Millhone. Looking for your next favorite detective series? Look no further. Deb Caletti, National Book Award finalist, author of He’s Gone.

Private eye Eddie Shoes and her cardsharp mother plunge the reader into a tale of fractured relationships, mayhem, and thrills. I look forward to the next Eddie Shoes adventure! Deborah Turrell Atkinson, author of the Storm Kayama Mysteries.

Elena Hartwell doesn’t just burst onto the scene with this clever mystery novel—she kicks the door in and holds the reader at gunpoint. Peter Clines, award-winning author of The Fold.

Who Wrote it?

Hartwell_HeadshotElena Hartwell was born in Bogota, Colombia, while her parents were in the Peace Corps. Her first word was cuidado. At the age of nine months, she told two men carrying a heavy table to be careful in their native tongue. She’s been telling people what to do ever since. After almost twenty years in the theater, Elena turned her playwriting skills to novels and the result is her first book “One Dead, Two to Go.” The Eddie Shoes Mystery Series launches April 15, 2016, to be followed by “Two Dead Are Better Than One” and “Three Dead, You’re Out.” Like her Facebook Page and you may get to see cute pictures of her dog and her horse.

Where can I get it?

Wherever books are sold and

Barnes and Noble


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