Blog Tour: Show and Tell by Amy Shojai

What’s it about?

Show_Tell-BlurbSeptember Day, an animal behaviorist, has begun to trust again. Her stalker has been caught and her PTSD is under control. She dares to hope Detective Jeff Combs might become more than a friend, but his investigation into a dog fighting ring leaves her reeling.

Shadow, a German Shepherd autism service dog before losing his-boy to a health crises, wrestles with his own demons.  He’s found love and his true purpose working with September. Now his-boy is back–but changed–and Shadow fears he’ll be forced to choose.

When a desperate mom demands help, and Combs’s son disappears with his dog, September and Shadow must find the children before a devastating storm hits. But the children have a secret plan of their own. Only when September shows true courage, and a good-dog tells the truth, can they find their way home again.

What do others say?

Show and Tell is one of those rare thrillers that hits you in the heart as well as the head. Amy Shojai hits the ground running and never slows down…damaged souls of both the two and four-legged variety join forces to rescue others along with themselves. Riveting, wholly satisfying…makes us care. Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of Strong Light of Day

Who wrote it?AMY SHOJAI headshot

Amy Shojai is a nationally known authority on pet care and behavior, a certified animal behavior consultant, a spokesperson for the pet products industry, and the author of 30+ nonfiction pet books. She also writes Thrillers that Bite! which includes the dog-viewpoint thrillers Lost and Found, Hide and Seek, and now Show and Tell.

Amy addresses a wide range of fun-to-serious issues in her work, covering dog and cat training, behavior, natural and allopathic health care, nutrition, first aid, aging pets, “the bond” and cutting-edge medical topics and her nonfiction books have been honored with over three dozen awards.

Amy has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and in USA Weekend, The New York Times, Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Woman’s World, and many other leading newspapers and magazines. She has also been a featured pet care expert on Animal Planet Dogs 101, Cats 101, Petsburgh USA/Disney Channel program, Good Day New York, Fox News: Pet News, NBC Today Show, WGN-Chicago “Pet Central” and “Animal Planet Radio” and many others.

She and her husband live with Seren-Kitty the Siamese wannabe, Magical-Dawg the German Shepherd, and Karma-Kat, a delinquent foundling kitten other assorted critters at Rosemont, their thirteen-acre “spread” in north Texas.

Where can I get it?

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