Cadbury Expands Fairtrade Commitment

Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars (Fair Trade)
Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars (Fair Trade)

According to Tim Newman’s blog entry at the International Labor Rights Forum, Cadbury has announced that it expand its sourcing of fairtrade cocoa beans. By 2010, all Dairy Milk bars sold in Canada, New Zealand and Australia will be fairtrade certified. That’s great news and a further sign of Cadbury’s commitment to improve the lives of cocoa farmers. I only wish that U.S. chocolate corporations would pledge the same instead of dodging the question.

This decision comes on the heals of its decision to discontinue the use of vegetable oil as a substitute for cocoa butter in Australia and New Zealand. Using cocoa butter not only makes the chocolate taste better, it also increased the amount of cocoa bought to make a bar. Cadbury is obviously on the right track. Maybe the current corporate leadership has discovered some of the company’s Quaker heritage.

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