Get Ready for Reverse Trick-or-Treating

Global Exchange, the International Labor Rights Fund, Equal Exchange, Alter Eco, Sweet Earth, La Siembra, Cocoa Zen and a host of other organizations are getting ready for the third annal reverse trick-or-treat campaign.

The Reverse Trick-or-Treat campaign aims to educate consumers about poverty and child labor in the cocoa sector. In a sweet reversal of roles, participating children will hand the adults who open their doors a piece of dark chocolate and a card explaining the working conditions on many cocoa farms.

If your kids want to participate, contact Global Exchange for a kit. Kits are free but cost $5.50 shipping and handling.The deadline for individuals is Oct. 13. Organizations should get their orders in by Oct. 1.

If you want to give out fairtrade chocolate to children coming to your doors, you can stock up at many stores and online locations. Check any of the companies mentioned above.

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2 thoughts on “Get Ready for Reverse Trick-or-Treating

  1. Sara

    Hi George,

    Is there a similar campaign running in the UK? This is something that I’d like to look at Dubble getting involved with next year if there is.

    Many thanks,