Illegal Holdings

Coming in March 2018. The next Valentin Vermeulen thriller.

Five million dollars. It would take a lot less to attract Vermeulen’s interest. The foundation he’s auditing tells him it was the sub-contractors fault. Vermeulen visits the small humanitarian organization in Mozambique’s capital Maputo. He finds that the organization never received the money. It’s bank will attest to that. What really convinces Vermeulen that the responsibility lies elsewhere is his near fatal encounter with a hit squad.

A visit to Mozambique’s second city Beira, where connects with his lover Tessa, deepens his conviction that larger forces are at work. Before long they are kidnapped and held hostage at the infamous Grand Hotel da Beira. Fleeing back to Maputo, untangling the web of international finance turns into a dead end. Vermeulen is ordered back to New York city. From JFK airport, he’s whisked away to the home of a billionaire philanthropist. Only there does he comprehend the monstrous plan that threatens Mozambique’s food supply. Can he stop it before the southern Africa is thrown into crisis?

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