Ivorian Farmers Block Cocoa Deliveries Again

I reported last fall that Ivorian farmers, upset over the fact that traders were not paying them the indicative price set by the Cocoa Management Committee, had blocked cocoa deliveries to ports.

Now they are threatening a blockade again, this time to protest the fact that they have not received the funding to buy fertilizer.  According to Bloomsberg, Christophe Gbe, president of the Ivorian Federation of Coffee and Cocoa Producers, threatened to stop all cocoa deliveries and to expand the action to all producer delivered to ports should the Cocoa Management Committee not accede to the farmer’s demands.

Farmers on the ground, however, seem less concerned with the blockade. Some growers have announced support for the action but likely will not participate in the blockades. Others have yet to get ready for any action. No word yet how this will affect cocoa prices for the next months.

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  1. The farmers or the growers of the cocoa are the real backbones.They play a vital role for either the decline or the increase of the production.They should not be neglected or overlooked.

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