Lincoln Road

LincolnRoadCoverMusa Khumalo lives in a shack in one of the many informal settlements dotting the Durban cityscape. Left behind like untold others in the new South Africa. A protest demanding better facilities at their location goes awry. A shot is fired, a corrupt city councillor is killed. A day later, Musa is wanted for murder.

On the run from the police, he fights to clear his name. In the process, he uncovers a case of bribery involving the councillor and a powerful developer. The mystery deepens when Musa realizes that a shadowy assassin is the true killer. Who hired him? Racing against time, Musa puts the clues together until he confronts the killer on Durban’s famous beachfront.

Lincoln Road was inspired by the times I spent in South Africa over the past two decades, in particular my participation in International Human Rights Exchange program that took place in Durban in 2003. It is, as yet, an unpublished manuscript.


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