Motion Graph of Cocoa Production Data

Here’s a graph I constructed using Google’s Motion Graph gadget. It displays the changing production data for the fifteen largest cocoa producers between 1964/65 and 2002/03. The data was compiled by the Cocoa Producers Alliance and I downloaded that information a couple of years back. Unfortunately, the CPA no longer publishes production data.

Make sure the x-axis is set to time. I find that using the LOG scale for the y-axis makes the graph easier to see. It’s particularly enlightening to select one or two producers and follow their position over time.

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2 thoughts on “Motion Graph of Cocoa Production Data

  1. Paddy

    Awsome!… You can clearly see the rise of Indonesia.. If only the government had the foresight of exporting more valuse added products fom Indonesia and the government from India encouraged more cocoa production!…