Reverse Trick-or-Treat Campaign starts again

For the second year in a row, a number of organizations concerned about the fate of children in the cocoa sector around the world are pooling their resources for a reverse trick-or-treat campaign on Halloween. The campaign is indented to educate consumers about the labor conditions in the cocoa sector and the fair trade alternatives available to them.

When children visit a house, the give back a small fair trade chocolate bar attached to a card that explains the importance of fair trade for cocoa farmers and their children. Last year, some 72,000 homes received these informational cards.

The campaign supported by a number of organizations and more information is available at Co-Op America and Global Exchange. The chocolate for the campaign is donated by Alter Eco, Equal Exchange, La Siembra and Theo Chocolate.

Anyone interested in purchasing a reverse trick-or-treat kit for their household, check with Global Exchange. The deadline for individual purchases is October 13. The deadline for institutions has unfortunately passed (today was the last day to order kits).

This is a great way to educate your neighbors in the U.S. or Canada about the importance of fair trade.

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