Ten Years of Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate celebrates its tenth anniversary with a four day exhibit of photographs at the gallery at Oxo Tower Wharf in London. Check out a preview of the photographs. Ten years are a remarkable achievement and I’m excited to add my congratulations.

Aminatu Kasim, Kuapa farmer

Aminatu Kasim, Kuapa farmer

Since its humble beginnings as a project conjured up by Twin Trading, the Body Shop, Christian Aid and Comic Relief, Divine has morphed into an important player on the fair trade scene. Most importantly, the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo have been the direct beneficiaries of its success. Check out the timeline and the story of Divine for more information.

At the core of the success is the quality of the cocoa beans produced by the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo. They work hard and are proud of their achievements. I could not help but feel this price during my visit both at the headquarters and the Boakyeasua village society.

But in addition to the work and commitment of the farmers, there is also the tireless work of Sophie Tranchell, the managing director of Divine, and her team in London. She positively radiates enthusiasm about her work as a social entrepreneur and told me during an interview last year that she wants “to change the world chocolate and doing with it with chocolate that’s great makes it easier.”

To get your fix of divine chocolate look for it in your favorite stores. Ask them to do so if they don’t carry it. UK residents will have an easier time finding it, but Divine now has a U.S. presence and its chocolate in available in more and more places.

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