Tomorrow is World Day Against Child Labor

ILO Poster

ILO Poster

Saturday is World Day Against Child Labor. Inaugurated by the International Labour Organization (ILO), this year’s day celebrates the tenth anniversary of the the adoption of ILO Convention 182, the Convention on the Worst Forms of Child Labour.

The International Labor Rights Fund urges you to call Hershey and let the company know how you feel about the fact that, unlike other chocolate companies, it has refused to participate in any certification program or institute fair labor practices along its supply chain.

CALL HERSHEY AT 1-800-468-1714.

Here is a sample script:
Hi, my name is ___ and I’m calling from ____.  This Saturday is World Day against Child Labor.  As a Hershey consumer, I’m very concerned about the continued use of child labor, forced labor and trafficking in West Africa’s cocoa industry as well as the way Hershey’s factory workers are treated globally.  I want to know that all the workers who had a hand in making my chocolate – from bean to bar – were treated fairly.  Will Hershey take this opportunity to be more transparent about your supply chain and do more to protect worker rights?

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