Wonderful Reuters Report on Kuapa Kokoo and Fairtrade

Here’s a Reuters report on Kuapa Kokoo and the impact of the recent announcement by Cadbury to source fairtrade beans for its Dairy Milk Bar.

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One Reply to “Wonderful Reuters Report on Kuapa Kokoo and Fairtrade”

  1. Hello,
    I found your interesting website because I am presently working on a series of articles on cocoa for my newspaper Le Temps in Geneva. It’s not as ambitious as yours, but still, I am here un Ghana and Ivory Coast right now, and have met or will meet people from the industry (Barry-Callebaut, Ali Lakiss, Cargill, Nestlé, exporters, trading firms, etc.), planters, cooperatives, ONG’s working on the child labor problem. You can read my travel impressions on my blog (http://bequilles.blogspot.com/), in french only.
    I am planning to visit a country in South America too, maybe Ecuador, but your story on Belize interested me. Do you have any direct contacts with these people?
    Another sentence that drew my attention in your Belize story is this one: “Today’s cocoa prices, adjusted for inflation, amount to only 37 percent of the price farmers received in the late 1970s”. Can you give me the source of this figure? Economics and price making mechanisms are also part of my interest in the subject.
    Thank you for your reply, and if I can be of any use to you from Switzerland (I will be back there in one week), it will be with pleasure.

    Jean-Claude Péclet

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