Africa Always Needs Guns

This story launched the fictional career of United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services Investigator Valentin Vermeulen, who’s been exiled from the air-conditioned offices in New York City after stepping on some very well-shod toes.

Now he is holed up in Eastern Congo, checking cargo planes for contraband at the Bunia Airport. The job is more than thankless. He knows guns are coming in on UN chartered cargo flights, but he can’t prove it. Until he has a run-in with a pilot who is clearly up to no good. With the locals, tired of the never-ending wars, on his side, Vermeulen sees a chance that this time justice will be done.

This short story gets right to the point, with an abrupt ending. It’s a great introduction to Michael Niemann’s two international thrilling books, Legitimate Business and Illicit Trade—Doranne Long, author of Your Body Book.

Available for all Kindle apps at Amazon.

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