Big Dreams Cost Too Much

The Côte d’Ivoire in 2011. President Gbagbo lost the elections a year earlier but isn’t ready to step down. The supporters of Ouattara, the winner, understandably upset, take up arms. In between are UN peacekeepers, trying to maintain a semblance of order across the middle of the country, including Yamoussoukro, the  capital.

Vermeulen is there to investigate the enormous consumption of petrol by the UN contingent in the capital and quickly discovers that the manager of the fuel depot is corrupt. Before he can find out more, the man is killed. The clues lead to a dangerous group of hoodlums who masquerade as the Jeunes Patriotes, a hit squad for the president’s party. The trail doesn’t stop there. Next thing he finds himself facing a powerful cocoa merchant, and she isn’t trying to sell Vermeulen chocolate.


Big Dreams Cost Too Much will be published as a Kindle Single by Coffeetown Press. Watch this page for updates.

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