Literary Ashland — Ashland Literary Arts Festival

The September edition of Literary Ashland Radio focused on the upcoming Ashland Literary Arts Festival, scheduled for October 28 at the Hannon Library on the SOU campus. Tod Davies, Vice President of the Board of the Friends of the Hannon Library, explained this years event and how it’s different from earlier years. Have a listen.

Literary Ashland with Amy Miller

For the month of July, Ed Battistella and I interviewed poet Amy Miller. She is the author of nine poetry and nonfiction chapbooks, including Botanica (2012), Tea Before Questions (2010) and Beautiful/Brutal (2009).

She has taught workshops on writing and publishing for the Jack London Writers’ Conference, Oregon State Poetry Association, California Writers’ Club, and San Francisco State University. She was a co-founder of the Piccolo Poetry Series, the largest poetry open mike on the San Francisco Peninsula, and currently works as the publications project manager for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Her new book The Trouble with New England Girls will come out in July 2018.